Why Is Yahoo Mail Not Working? 5 Ways To Fix Yahoo Mail

Google Chrome and Yahoo Mail both are the most popular. Yahoo mail works properly on all browsers whether on Internet Explorer, Safari, or Edge, but still, most of the users prefer to use Yahoo on Chrome only. More and more Yahoo users are inclined towards Chrome and this is why day by day number of issues is increasing but luckily all these problems are temporary and can be easily fixed with some effort.

Why My Yahoo email is not working? Solve Issues?

Some issues of Yahoo with Chrome are as follows:

Yahoo is not loading on Chrome

The homepage of Yahoo is not displaying on the Chrome

Yahoo Mail cannot open in Chrome

The working of Yahoo is slow on Chrome

Yahoo Mail Not Working on Chrome

These are very common issues and if all these issues stay longer than usual then the user can try the given below troubleshooting tips and tricks to fix these issues:

Clean The Chrome Browser

With continuous of the Chrome browser tends like cookies, cache, and history can create issues while users are using their Yahoo mail. So, it's very important to clear your Chrome browser with just given below steps:

Step One

Click on the top-right corner verticle ellipsis icon of the browser screen

Step Two

Go to the History option.

Step Three

Click on the “Clear Browsing Data” option

Step Four

Select all content like Cache files and images, Cookies, and browsing history for the deep cleaning of the browser

Step Five

Click on the “Clear Data” option

Update Your Google Chrome if  Why is my Yahoo email not working?

If you have an updated browser then users can make the best out of Yahoo Mail. If you want to fix these problems then follow some steps to update your Chrome browser:

Step One

Click on the top right corner on the three dots icons

Step Two

Click on the Select Help button and About Chrome option

Step Three

In this option, you will the that either you have an updated version of Chrome or not

Check JavaScript for Chrome

JavaScript is the most important component of the chrome browser, if this is not working properly then this can create issues in your Yahoo Mail Account. To allow the Javascript on Chrome users needs to follow some steps:

Step One

First, click on the three dots icon which is available on the top right corner

Step Two

Cling on the settings option

Step Three

Now, go to the Advanced option

Step Four

Click on the “Privacy and Security” setting option which is followed by the “Content Settings”

Step Five

Check whether the JavaScript option is able or unable

Restart Your Device

Restarting the system is the best way to overcome all small issues. After performing the above steps it is recommended that shut down the browser and then restart your system. After completing all the steps check whether the issues are fixed or not.

Reset the Network Setting on Your System

First, go to the setting option on the browser’s homepage

Now go to the Reset Network Settings option

Enter the details of your passcode

Select on the Reset Network Settings option

After selecting the Reset Network Settings, Reboot your device


The SMTP server is responsible for sending as well as the receiver server. If your yahoo mail is not working then go with the below steps:

Go to the settings option and open your yahoo account with the correct password

Select Yahoo and then go to the Account and check outgoing Mail Server SMTP and check other SMTP servers

The Hostname should be smtp.mail.yahoo.com

Now user’s need to enter their name and password

Now you have to select the port to 587 or 564 and select SSL to Yes

Now user’s need to click on the reboot your device


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