How To Solve An Error 400 On Gmail ? Fix Gmail Error 400.

The 400 bad request is one of the very common Gmail problems that can make you unable to use your Google account. However, it may appear annoying, but let me make you clear that the solution is quite simple. Therefore, here, I am guiding you on how to get yourself out of such an HTTP error.

Before we see how to resolve it, you must understand the 400 error code first.

Gmail Error 400 Bad Request – Troubleshoot with Effortless Solution

It has many other names such as HTTP error 400, and so on. It is basically the Chrome browser-based issue that may generally occur when you try accessing the Gmail account on it. Sometimes, the Gmail server may not understand the request that you may have made to open any webpage, and therefore, you may see the 400 error code on your screen.

Now, it’s time to see who are villains causing this problem.

Can't access Gmail and Drive. Error 400

  1. Wrong use of URL is one of the very common mistakes that users generally make, and, therefore, get this issue as a result.
  2. Your internet server may be unable to connect with the Gmail server, then also, you may get this error.
  3. Any glitch with the browser functionality may also make you suffer from this problem.
  4. The presence of Viruses and Malware has been a very common reason to have this issue.
  5. If something making DNS to not work fine, then, it may also be one of the reasons.
  6. Sometimes, the installation of any third-party extension may also make you face it.
  7. The outage of the server from the official Gmail server-side may also lead to such a trouble.

Gmail Is Not Working: Common Gmail Problems and How to Solve Them

 Try one or more of these steps to troubleshoot this issue as soon as possible.

  1. You must care about the URL that the one you may have been using, is the correct one or not.
  2. Also, it is very important for you to check the internet connection. If you find the problem, fix it.
  3.  Clearing the browser cache and cookies may be enough sometimes to resolve the problem.
  4. Sometimes, removing Viruses and Malware from your device may do the required fix.
  5. Sometimes, just resetting the DNS cache may be sufficient enough to resolve the trouble.
  6. Deactivation of one or more extensions may also do the work sometimes.
  7. Sometimes, you just need to reinstall the browser to troubleshoot this issue.
  8. Auto troubleshoot is the only solution if the site is taken down by the official server itself.


If you are still unable to find the way to get yourself out of this 400 bad request, then, you must contact the Gmail customer support so as to get this issue fixed with their help.

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