How Do I Contact Facebook By Phone For Problems With Your Account And Other Issues?

Today, Facebook is utilized by almost everyone no matter what’s the age.  It is a reliable and secure social media site that is connected with billions of people all around the world. With this, you will get multiple features such as messenger, FB marketplace, video call, live, and online chat facility. Sometimes, the user feels some sort of technical glitches immediately after using the FB. This could happen with anyone anytime. So, you need to get in touch with the experts and contact Facebook by phone. Whether you’ve any query or error to ask, just dial the helpline number for instant support.

One common problem that is faced by most of the users of FB is FB account deactivation and re-activation. If FB users get bored of using FB then they have an option to temporarily deactivate the account. They can do this for many reasons and anytime. The good thing is that you can reactivate the account anytime.

FB account deactivation

  • First of all, go to your FB account and then click on the drop-down arrow present in the top right of Facebook.
  • After this, select ‘Settings & Privacy’
  • Make sure to choose the option of ‘Settings’.
  • In this step, you are needed to click on “Your Facebook Information” which can be seen in the left column.
  • Here, you need to tap ‘Deactivation and Deletion’.
  • Also, click on the Deactivate Account
  • then tap Continue to Account Deactivation and then follow all prompts to confirm.

For any sort of immediate assistance on FB account deactivation, you can avail of the Facebook customer service. For this, you just need to ring on the hipline number. After this, experts will guide you to get step by step solutions.

Facebook account re-activation

With Facebook, you don’t have to worry about re-activation as it only takes a few steps to complete. You can do this anytime and if you wish you can also take technical assistance. For this, you just have to open the sign-in page of FB and then enter all the login credentials.

  • After deactivation of the FB account, no one could see your FaceBook profile.
  • In your friend's lists, your name will still be visible to friends
  • Even after deactivating the profile, messages to the friends will be visible.

How do I contact Facebook by phone?

You can contact Facebook by phone by the helpline number of the FB support team. With this, you will be able to get answers to all your queries instantly. Apart from this, you can report your problem to the FB directly via chat or email. If anything is not working on FB then you can report anytime to FB. No matter what is the time, you can get help any time of the day.

How do I contact Facebook?

If you get confused about the deactivation and re-activation of the Facebook account then you can connect with experts any time of the day. You can learn everything from the technical professionals just by dialing the helpline number. This number is accessible round the clock for providing quick assistance and guidance. So, feel free to connect with the techies at any time of the day and avail prompt solutions of every technical glitch of FB account.

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