How Can I Unlock My Yahoo Account And Why Does It Get Locked? Unlock Yahoo.

Many Yahoo! users may not like that their account is locked. Off course not, however, it may be unintentionally. Besides, Yahoo! does not lock its users account normally. However, there could be some odd circumstances that force Yahoo! to take appropriate actions. And as of a result, many Yahoo! users find themselves with a locked account. In such situation, they only try to find the way to unlock yahoo account.

Yahoo! has very strict policies for its products and services. Any misleading activity can bare a user to use the services and products.  There are many instances when users found their accounts locked under the variety of conditions.

Many times, the users found that their accounts have locked temporarily for 12 hours. There are the Yahoo! security measures that protect the Yahoo! mail services from unethical access. Besides, some terms and conditions violations can trigger your account to be blocked. Here, we try to raise the possible reasons.

Why am I locked out of my Yahoo! email account?

  • You have tried multiple incorrect password  to login into your Yahoo! account. That may exceed the specific limits of Yahoo. Therefore, Yahoo! can lock your account temporarily due to security measures. The organization usually assumes that someone is trying to access your account unethically.
  • In case, you have sent mails in large numbers more than specific limit. Because, Yahoo! mail service has certain limits to send email to the recipient as well receiving mail. However to enforce anti-spam policies, Yahoo never disclose the limit of recipients or emails that can be sent at one time.
  • In case you have reached the limit.  You get a notification. However, it requires a wait for a definite period of time before sending mails again. In most cases, you will get a notification about the time.
  • An hacking attempt on your Email ID may trigger the Yahoo! to lock your account in order to make things more secure.
  • Any specific suspicious activity on your account.
  • Recipients mark a mail as spam after receiving message. The event could trigger a condition. And, Yahoo! may interpret it as you have been involved in a deceptive activity.
  • You mistakenly allow access to third party apps and software. Such software may harm your access to Yahoo web application.
  • Incorrect POP and IMAP settings may be the potential cause of your blocked Yahoo account.
  • Accessing your account at different locations at time or using multiple devices may cause issue.

Common users’ perceptions

However, many users face different problems. These include their Yahoo! account locked due to usages of incorrect credentials. Or, there can be an issue in receiving and sending emails. However, Yahoo! users usually face the locked account issue.

In case, someone try to breach the rules and regulations. Then, Yahoo may take action to block its account. In such a scenario, Yahoo! can lock the same to ensure the policies of the organization.

In conclusion

In most cases, such incident happens due to multiple failed login attempts. It could last for a day to keep your account secure.

In case, you have an incident of temporarily locked account. And, still you are able to access the account using your current credentials. Someone may have been attempting an access to your account. Simply put, someone has been trying to access your account using wrong credentials.

On the other hand, Yahoo! has been serving the people more than two decades now. Being a popular email service, it is quite common that many people may have nearly similar Ids. And, it is quite possible that a user mistakenly has tried to use your ID along with his/her password. This surely can trigger Yahoo! to take the action. However, you can not do too much here expect try to unlock yahoo account.

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