Struggling With Gmail Not Working Issue? Here’s How To Fix It

Gmail is one of the most used emailing sources for millions of people across the world. Even, it is the most used email application across the globe. This shows the relevancy of Gmail in people’s life. There are people who use Gmail for personal as well as professional purposes. With such a huge usage database and relevancy of Gmail in everybody’s life, what if you get to know that your Gmail not working? Isn’t it disheartening to hear this? Most probably yes! If your business if reliable anyway connected with the Gmail, you would be left with nothing. All will be shut down until it gets fixed.

It a huge threat if Gmail not working issue occur. However, thankfully, being such a huge organization, such issues do not long last.

Why is my Gmail not working?

Reasons could be many causes for your Gmail stoppage such as incompatibility of browser, inference of Gmail operations with extensions or the issues of internet and many more.

Many of you must be thinking that what are the ways to get rid of the Gmail not working issue? Well, guys do not panic if you are facing the issue right now! Hold back and go through this very informative post without missing a single word.

What to do if Gmail is not opening?

Now, come to the solution part. You must be thinking what could be the possible steps which can help us sustain at the time when Gmail is not opening.

Here we go:

  1. Update Apps; Chrome & Gmail and android system WebView

Here the new word is WebView, which is basically an inbuilt app powered by Chrome that works to provide smooth experience to the user.

There could be glitches found in your phone which is causing low performance of Gmail or Gmail is not working. You need to fix them. For instance, outdated chrome or Gmail application which is resulting the lack in operating the Gmail.

Hence, it is advisable to update the application as soon as you get the error.

Here’s how to update the Webview:

  • Click on ‘Play store’ on your device.
  • Search ‘Android System WebView’ from the search bar.
  • Tap on the update button if appears the update option.
  • Here, you can update chrome too with same process.
  • After that, restart the device and open Gmail link.
  1. Turn the Ad-Blocker off:

If using any ad blocker in your browser, you won’t be able to open any link on the browser as such. Better is to turn off the ad blocker for a moment.

  1. Disable Anti-Virus apps

Same as the Adblocker, anti- virus will cease the link opening as it works to protect the device’s browser. Here too, you need to disable the anti-virus to get your Gmail link opened.

  1. Resetting Gmail

There could be glitches of your own Gmail which is not allowing you to open the Gmail. To prevent from this, it is advisable to reset your Gmail which automatically clears all the cache.

  1. Reset app preferences if has any

At the time of issue with your Gmail, making the prefences to your Gmail is a bad practice you will ever do. Best is to disable all the preferences that you have given to the Gmail.

Why can’t I log into my Gmail account?

Not able to access your Gmail account? Well, the issues can vary but few common errors that have been noticed every time in case4 of not able to login into Gmail account is.

Entering wrong credentials:

Basic, but essential activity is to login. Fill the password correctly along with your email address.

See service status:

Sometimes, the error can occur due to poor service status, in that case visit Google Service Status Page and see the status. Also, you can try signing into the Gmail with your phone in case you have issue with other browsers.

3. Clear cookies and cache

This could be essential at the time of such crisis. What you need to do is visit the browser setting and find out the clear cookies section on Clear. This might be helpful for your Gmail not opening issue.

Why am I not getting my email on Gmail?

There could be scenarios when everything is going well, but you are not receiving the email on your Gmail account. Doesn’t it confuse you? Well, there could be reasons of space. If anything you receive it needs space to store. Because you are running out of space, therefore the issue is immersing.

Now you know what to do. Yes! Clean up the irrelevant stuff and start receving emails.

Is Gmail server down now?

Gmail glitches are common now which frequently takes place.obviously , being biggest email service provider, it becomes difficult to manage all the things forever. Definitely there are scenarios where they got beaten and error occurs.

However, best thing about google is, they tackle the issue with no harm at all.

So, if you get through the Gmail server down issue, do not panic! Make sure to try several useful tactics defined in the post itself.

Why Is my Gmail Not Working on Android or iPhone?

Because there could be numerous cache which cause stop the Gmail services on your smarphones. In such case, you need to clear them up then only you will be able to use your Gmail.

Alternatively, if everything remains same after clearing the caches, phone resetting is the only option which can be proved useful in this situation.

Do and make sure to remember or not down your passwords in a piece of paper so that you can use them for the next time as well.

Why is my Gmail not working all of a sudden?

It happens due to heavy load which disrupt the whole server all of a sudden. Gmail could be affected by several other reasons such as using adblock with your browser or using anti-virus which disrupt to open any unwanted mails. Similarly, it may occur because your browser is not compatible with the Gmail.

These could be some of the reasons and can be fixed by your side. However, in some of the cases, the disruption can happen from Google’s side which has nothing to do with but to wait to fix it.

Why has Gmail stopped?

Because of many issues came together which result in disruption of Gmail services. In this situation, few things which can be done:

  • Using proper credentials to login
  • Clear browser Cache/Data
  • Reset device if having load of cache
  • Update the browser and the Gmail

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Final touch!

Tensed because of Gmail not working issue? well, do not panic!

Few occurrence of Gmail are common and can be fixed within very little time period.

Gmail is widely used email servicing used both personally and professionally. Hence, if it stops or detects and issue, it makes stop the lots of important and unimportant service across the world.

Well, if you were ever facing the issue called Gmail not working, now is the time to be relax because we have provided the solution in this regard.

Go through the post and let us know how much you liked it.

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