How To Fix Google Play Store Not Working On Android? Know-how To Fix It?

Is your Google Play Store not working, or not downloading any app? Then, this blog is for you.  Here you will know how to fix some very common errors that you may get with it. But, first of all, you should know what some common problems you may have with it. And, also what may be the reasons for the same. Then, I will give you the best possible and easy solutions for each of them.

Google Play Store Is Not Working? How To Fix The 'Play Store Has Stopped' Issue?

  1. Connectivity issue, that we also know by the name error code 544. It can take place due to poor internet connection.
  2. Space issue, or the error code 919, and the reason may be the lack of enough space in your device.
  3. Problem with your Gmail account, or the error code 481. It also means that the company makes have blocked your account to use this feature. The main reason behind it may be the unauthorized way of accessing this feature, or it may also be due to a simple account glitch.
  4. App download error, or Play Services error.
  5. Games not working. It may be due to the reason that you may be missing any required associate app.
  6. Crashing issue, that may take place either due to lack of space or due to some virus or malware attack.

There are many others too, but these ones are most common out of them all. Now, it’s time to see what possible solutions you may have against these problems.

Google Play Store not working? Fixes and solutions

  1. Firstly, you should correct your internet connection to see if it could fix the glitch or not. If the internet is running fine, but the problem is still the same, then, you should try the second method.
  2.  Do the Gmail Sign out from the app, and then, do the Gmail login again to see fix the issue is fixed or not. If not, then, create a new Gmail account to use.
  3. Remove some unwanted applications and files from your device.
  4. Scan your phone, and remove all viruses and malware.
  5. Sometimes, updating it may also troubleshoot the problem
  6. If downloading any game, then, make sure that you must have the Google Play Games installed, otherwise, Games may not work on your device.
  7. Try fixing the issue by clearing the cache and cookies, and by force stopping this app.
  8. Also, try fixing the issue by uninstalling it, and then reinstalling it again, and also make sure that the correct Gmail account is logged in at your device.
  9. You should also try to troubleshoot the issue by formatting your phone. It has been seen most of the times, that doing it has fixed the issue. But, before, you do it, make sure to prepare all your backups so that you may not lose any important data. To Format your android device you just need to follow visit the “Settings” of your device, and then, Click “Back up and reset”. After that, click “Factory data reset”, and you are done. Remember that if you do it, your phone will lose all apps and other files that are stored on your device, and you may get them back again only if you are back up ready.


I hope that this blog may have helped you very well, but If the tricks that I gave you above, could not fix the issue for you, and if still your Google Play Store not working, then, it’s better for you to contact the Customer Support or Gmail Customer service, and they will help you with it. After or during the call, you just have to follow their instructions very carefully, and soon you will find your issues resolved. You can have the talk with them at their toll-free number, which is available for 24X7X365.

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