How Can I Recover My Google Account Without A Phone Number?

The blog is all about making users aware of the process to enable their Google Account Recovery options step by step.

Google allows you the right add Google account recovery option so that it can help in your hard by getting the verification code and in verifying your identification.

Note: At the time of creating account on Google, it is advised to added account recovery option in order to regain access to your hacked or compromised or suspended Google account.

Here is the process to How to enable your Google account recovery options with step by step instruction:

  • For all options, users are suggested to do the following with proper awareness:
  • On your very first step of enabling Google Account Recovery option, you will have to sign into your account using your email address and email account password.
  • After the successful completion of first step, move to the second step where select ‘Signing in’ option in the section saying ‘Sign-in and Security’.
  • Once the second step is completed in successful manner, you will have to move to ‘Account recovery options’ and after that, you will be allowed to opt for the recovery phone option for adding up a recovery phone or opt for Recovery email in order to add a recovery email so that you could recover your account if hacked compromised.

If anything is happening finely with the process of enabling Google Account Recovery option, take a quick aid from the experts and get the better experience without have to face any issues in the near future.

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